Photo credits: Indrajeet Rajkhowa

Photo credits: Indrajeet Rajkhowa



I am a game-developer. There aren't many things that give me the sense of adventure and challenge that I get from programming a new game. I am always ready to learn and adapt to concepts and techniques that I do not know, and the reward of creating something that is fresh and fun is worth every minute of work I put into it. I have a passion for creating mobile games, though I'm not one to shy away from an exciting desktop/console project either.

I graduated with an M.S. in CS-Game Development from University of Southern California, Los Angeles. I am an optimist that loves exploring the unknown and meeting new people. Sometimes I also make enemies in League of Legends, Team Fortress 2, and Monopoly.

I have also dabbled in graphic-design/illustration, with some full-time experience under my belt, though I find less time for it now. You can see some of my work here.

I currently work with Age of Learning, where I help build games and creative resources for children.

Some of my other time-killing obsessions are experimenting with cameras, biking (aka breaking various parts of my skeleton), watching cat videos, exploring places, trying to beat my really sad Rubik's time, being embarassingly skinny at the gym every day, boring my friends to death with "philosophy", and thinking about the perfect beauty in a flawed woman.

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